In a world filled with colour and an array of dizzying filters, we have decided to seek solace in the rewarding simplicity of Black and White. Our new Monochrome Series comprises an exclusive range of carefully selected film cameras that are fully refurbished by our Master camera Craftsmen, customised in a recognisable Dutchmann palette and then reborn as our Monochrome Series. Fully guaranteed, each model is unique.



We fully understand the demands of modern life and accept that owning one's own darkroom is perhaps a luxury reserved for the fortunate few. For this reason each of the cameras in our Monochrome Series are shipped with a complimentary 36 exposure black & white film and a pre-paid courier envelope addressed to Dennis da Silva - South Africa's most accomplished darkroom printer. You simply point, shoot and post...

Dennis will personally develop your film and select five images from which he will print your own set of 10 x 8 inch silver prints. Each print will be signed and dated on the reverse by Dennis, then packaged along with your contact print and safely couriered back to you. Easy-peasy, and all part of the Dutchmann Monochrome Series deal.

Dennis da Silva


Our Master Darkroom Printer Dennis da Silva has been refining the art of darkroom printing for over 47 years. Currently 63 years old, Dennis first started printing at the age of 16. His formidable career includes an apprenticeship under legendary printer Derek Worman, serving as an aerial photographer and printer for the South African Air Force, heading up two professional photographic labs (Beith and Silvertone) for 37 years and is now founder of his own specialist printing workshop in Johannesburg.

Dennis is undisputedly recognised as one of South Africa's leading fine art darkroom printers. He has been coaxing rich black and silvery whites from South Africa's best photographers' negatives for well over 30 years and his client list includes an all-star cast of South Africa's leading fine art photographers, art galleries and museums. Who better to treat your images with the respect they deserve? As a case in point, Dennis is the personal printer of photographic luminary Roger Ballen and has personally printed every Ballen silver print produced in the last 35 years.

Introducing Edition #1


The inaugural model in our Monochrome Series is the instantly recognisable Vito B compact 35mm camera made by Voigtländer in 1957. Fully restored to showroom condition by our master craftsmen this camera is ready to roll right out of its designer box. Strategically coated in Dutchmann's recognisable colour palette, our Vito B also carries the rare small viewfinder and low profile top plate so heavily sought after by discerning 35mm street photographers.

Our Vito B also carries the highly compact razor-sharp Color-Skopar 50mm f/3.5 or f/2.8 lens (four element Tessar-type) designed to capture every possible shade of grey in the spectrum. The 8-speed Prontor shutter is not reliant on any battery power and will keep performing whilst other electronic gadgetries retire to the wall socket . The Vito B's hinged baseplate allows for easy film loading and a milled film counter uniquely counts down, rather than up. 36, 35, 34.... You simply decide which muse to point it at and it does the rest...

Edition #1 of The Dutchmann Voigtländer Vito B is priced at $950 / R9,500 ex Vat while stocks last and includes the Master Printing service from Dennis da Silva (film development, contact sheet print + five 10x8 signed silver prints + local or global courier fees). Additional models within the Monochrome Series will be released over the course of 2014.

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