The Ultimate Classic Porsche 911

We rebuild air-cooled 911 Porsches to original factory standard with increased performance balanced by an understated aesthetic.

Less is More

We believe the ultimate classic Porsche is a vehicle that respects the principles and values of the original 911 range.


We guide you on model selection with consideration to changing market values, driving needs & personal preferences. We then specify each vehicle’s performance and aesthetics to deliver the ultimate classic Porsche for today’s use, whilst retaining the growing value of the 911 series.
Dutchmann Porsche 911 process


All our vehicles are rebuilt in full to concours standard using Porsche-only components.This approach delivers a classic yet new vehicle in all respects, maintainable by any air-cooled Porsche mechanic worldwide.


We have built over 40 Dutchmann Porsches in the last decade. Our detailed reviews provide insight into our approach.
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Owning a Dutchmann Porsche

Our build process takes 12 months from commencement and we have a limited number of build slots available per year.
We have access to various donor vehicles and do accept owner vehicles. Pricing varies based on the chosen 911 model and specification.
We ship globally and have clients based across the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia.
If interested in owning a Dutchmann Porsche - email us to let us know what you are ideally looking for.
We also suggest you watch our detailed overviews on YouTube and follow our latest projects on Instagram.
Dutschamnn showroom


We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Our showroom is closed to the public, but prospective clients are welcome to enquire about visiting our showroom to see and drive our cars.
We host launch events and talks on occasion. Follow us to be kept in the loop.
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